Transtape For FTM Chest Binding

Trans Tape by Universal Body Labs is made for non-binary individuals looking for a quality and reliable way for breast binding - a much more effective alternative way for FTM Chest Binding


Cut to desired length

No harsh chemicals


Our Trans Tape will keep everything in place


95% Cotton and 5% Spandex


Please note that everyone's skin type is different and each of us can react to adhesives differently.

You should ALWAYS test a small piece on the underside of your breast to make sure your body has no reaction to the adhesive

You Changed My Life!

"This is the first time I’ve used trans tape. I own a binder but I cannot take it off without help currently. And this is so easy to use. And I am immediately going to buy like 4 more roles after this review.

I have never experienced so much euphoria with little effort."

I Love This Tape Soo Much

"I bought 1 and realized how great it was then bought more. I feel so comfortable in it, I sometimes forget it is there.

Once you figure out how much you should use for your chest it is easy. It is easy to remove too.

Every once in a while it can be a lil difficult but soap/ oil and water work well for that. I highly recommend this tape.

I'm a bigger chested person so i don't bind with trans tape but i use it on my waist/hip area to even everything out and make my body look straighter!"

More Natural Look

"Takes a couple of tries to get it to look right, but it's worth it. I've used a binder for 4 1/2 years and always felt self conscious about it showing.

The tape allows you to breathe and move better while giving a more natural look to the chest.".

Love It!

"Love it. Works better than my gc2b binder"

Alleviates my Dysphoria

""I love it. Helps alleviate my dysphoria a lot and feels better than binding"

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