Pros And Cons Of Transtape

cons: • if you have sensitive skin, it can be extremely itchy • if there are areas where skin rubs against skin, you can get intertrigo, an extremely painful and foul smelling rash • adhesive residue after taking tape off is extremely sticky and difficult to remove. on the day i change my tape, it takes about an hour

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TransTape helps alleviate dysphoria as well as give my ribs a break from bras. A win win in my opinion!!" – R "I have literally had such a self-esteem shift since I began using trans tape opposed to my binders. The ability to go running without a shirt/binder and go swimming the way I always wanted to has literally changed my quality of life.

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I'm thinking of buying some so I have another binding option other than layering sports bras and my two gc2b binders. I've heard some good stuff.

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Pros and cons of TransTape Ive heard both good and bad things and recently I've been thinking about buying some so I wanted to get other's opinions. 3 2 2 comments Best Add a Comment gay-gun-slinger714 • 3 mo. ago I've found it works well for normal wear but whenever there's too much sweat or activity it starts to fall off starrytinman • 3 mo. ago

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Despite the cons, the fact that I can bind at all without binders makes me very happy,

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If not, you can continue to use TransTape. STEP 1: For best adhesive properties, start with fresh, clean skin, free of lotions or oils. Wash with a non-moisturizing soap; rinse well. (You may need to shave hair if excessive, quarter inch trim is okay) STEP 2: Make nipple covers. NEVER apply TransTape directly over nipple skin.

12 jun. 2021.

A disadvantage of transtape is that it is literally tape. You'll want to do a test strip first to make sure you don't have a reaction to the.

TransTape is a gender-affirming body transformation system for transgender, gender-fluid, gender non-conforming and asexual humans. It is backless, strapless, waterproof and sweat-proof. We offer 3 sizes; small (7.5cm wide), medium (10cm wide) and large (12.5cm wide). We offer multiple skin tones to best match your skin for optimal discretion.

Pro: transtape is amazing for the summer. Fuck sweaty binders lmao. Con: it's hard to take off and if you don't do it right it looks lopsided. MattJimaz • 10 mo. ago I can't wear tape when it's too hot because it irritates my skin, for some reason. It's completely fine when it's a cooler temperature. [deleted] • 10 mo. ago

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TransTape comes on a roll, with paper on the adhesive side. Following tutorials, I made a nipple cover out of TransTape and folded toilet paper. It was a little difficult, as my nipples are on the larger side due to the proportions of my chest.

Despite the cons, the fact that I can bind at all without binders makes me very happy, even if it.

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3 Cons of Using Tape As An Alternative to FtM Chest Binding · FtM tape can damage the skin, causing blisters if the skin gets pulls and breaks.

5 mrt. 2018.

PROS: 1. dysphoria relief that binders have never provided for me.

CONS: 1. as you can probably see, this was a bit confusing to apply.

Transtape is basically just kinesiology tape (however it does come with a whole kit thing which is pretty cool along with more shades and I think the band is thicker). It's good for wearing button down shirts or dress shirts because you can let it be more open and you don't have anything visible.