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The TransTape website recommends coconut oil or diaper cream, as well as milk of magnesia as alternatives. You can get all those at CVS!


Daher kann ich mir keinen Binder/Trans-tape kaufen. Kennt jemand vielleicht alternative wie ich trotzdem gut Binder kann?

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Yes, definitely get KT tape or another athletic tape. It's available at many stores, pretty cheap on Amazon. I've heard that TransTape is better than KT tape since it was specifically designed for trans guys, but I've never seen any good evidence. People on this sub have claimed that TransTape is better because it's meant to be worn on the skin.

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While chest binders have alternatives like trans tape, they both offer a great deal of relief from dysphoria for many AFAB trans men.

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TransTape is a gender-affirming, body transformation system that's a backless and waterproof alternative to bras, binders, packers, gaffes, and other self-.


Discover short videos related to trans tape alternative on TikTok.


Just normal KT tape will work the same as TransTape. It doesn't have the same width options, but personally I found that I preferred the thinner.

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Keep both edges of the trans tape slack when applying. Stretch the middle part of the tape over the skin. Do this whilst keeping the edges loose. Stretching will prevent straining the skin. Ensure that the ends of the trans tape have about 5mm of skin contact. The trans tape only sticks well to the skin, and not to itself.

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Best. cisphoria • 8 mo. ago. ive used that one and it's just as good as trans tape. i personally never showered in it but they're designed to be worn for multiple days so you'd have to assume. there's also rocktape which has waterproof and extra sticky versions, but these are only available in 5cm. the rocktape extra wide is still.

Find Transtape's competitors, compare Transtape's features and pricing vs. other skin care brands and stores. Get the low-down on alternatives to Transtape in.

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Why do any transmascs use binders when TransTape is (at least on paper) a much better option? Beause I'm fat. -. Ok I'll expand on this. I tried using tape,

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Discover short videos related to trans tape alternative on TikTok.
Gf's coworker wants her to "redpill me about the trans stuff". Vent. I've been with my gf for almost three years now, and we've lived together for about two years. For the first year of our relationship I wasn't out, so it made things a bit complicated when I came out to her. She fully accepts me and is actually the only person in.

The TransTape website recommends coconut oil or diaper cream, as well as milk of magnesia as alternatives. You can get all those at CVS!