Transtape Allergic Reaction

To test if you're skin has an allergy, apply a 2-inch strip to the area where you'll be using TransTape – usually under your arms or on your chest.

See if you get a repeat reaction. If it's truly an allergy, you could deal with more severe reactions later on. This link might give some insight, even though it's not specific to chest binding: Overview of Adhesive Allergy . It mentioned surgical cloth tape or skin barrier film as a potential way to deal with an adhesive your allergic to.

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"transtape is amazing, it has changed my life, i can finally breathe properly again and not have any worryies regarding my health due to binding with a chest binder, and feel comfortable in my body, it gives a more masculine look compared to a binder , i never thought i'd feel my sternum during the day until i got top surgery, but i can feel it.

TransTape is made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex with a medical grade acrylic adhesive. It is latex-free and non-medicated, making it hypoallergenic. With this said, however, you may experience irritation, itching or redness or blistering after wearing TransTape.

i am allergic to trans tape as well. when it was getting itchy under the tape, i would find that when i took it off that i'd developed massive blisters. i had one of those blister scars for at least a year. after that, i only used trans tape sparingly. the people at trans tape also told me to put milk of magnesia topically on my chest before.


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An allergic reaction to bleach and other strong cleaning products falls into the irritant contact dermatitis category of skin ailments, according to the Mayo Clinic. A reaction to bleach sometimes occurs after just brief contact during a si.

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Are you sweating more? I personally got blisters and itchy rashes because sweat gathers around the edges of the tape, which then encourages a.

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Signs of a serious allergic reaction to ibuprofen include difficulty breathing, hives and swelling of the throat, tongue, lips or face, according to Immediate medical attention is necessary if weakness, chest pain, slurred speech.

Leftover Sticky Residue after Removal · Painful Removal or Blistering · Reaction With Proper Removal: Milk of Magnesia · What if TransTape is not sticking.

According to a 2009 study by the Green Patriot Working Group, the most allergenic brands of laundry detergent are Tide, Ivory Snow Gentle, Tide Free and Purex. These brands showed the highest concentration of a toxic chemical called 1,4-dio.

Also, another con I forgot.

some people can have an allergic reaction trans tape #greenscreen #transtape #chestbinding #masc #nonbinary #theythem #enby.

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Sudden TransTape Allergy? : r/ftm I've been using it since May and had no problems, but the past 2 weeks both time I've put it on it has almost immediately been more itchy than normal. This past time I had to take it off after less than 24 hours and I had hives.

That 100% sounds like an allergic reaction, changes in skin texture and color are big indicators. Please give yourself a break, and be aware that any time you try to use the tape after this could cause a worse reaction. I'm sorry this happened, you may need to look into other ways to bind unfortunately 1 More posts from r/NonBinaryTalk

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