Transtape Amstrad

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Amstrad On An FPGA – Outside the US, that same demographic was likely to own an Amstrad. The Z80-based computers were well known for game playing. [Freemac] implemented a working Amstrad CPC6128 using a Xilinx FPGA on.

Of all the players in the home computer world in the 1980s, Alan Sugar’s Amstrad was a step ahead in ease of use over its competitors. The Amstrad CPC series of computers came with their own.

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A case in point is the miserable monochrome LCD that was originally installed in the Amstrad PPC640 portable 8086 PC that [Drygol] recently picked up. He decided that his portable Amstrad sessions.


copias de seguridad es que el transtape trabaja con el programa en la memoria del ordenador (o sea, una vez lo hemos cargado en núestro Amstrad CPC),