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8. it's latex-free. "TransTape is made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex with a medical grade acrylic adhesive. It is latex-free and non-medicated, making it hypoallergenic for virtually everyone except those with allergies to any type of adhesive. " 9. i'm normally a DD, for reference. yeah. CONS:

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Reviewed in the United States on January 20, 2021 This tape is excellent for a small chested FtM. My child is large chested and while it definitely still worked because the strips were smaller we had to use more than average. Still yet, each application lasted about 4 days 5 people found this helpful Top critical review All critical reviews › Kate

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-Avoid raising your arms, in order to keep it from wrinkling -small sections (trust me) you do not want this wrapping onto your back -first section has zero stretch, stretch middle sections, zero stretch on last section -buy yourself a big ole body of baby oil and prepare to take it off in a warm shower. I 100% soaked the tape in oil.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Trans Tape – Best Trans FTM Binder for Chest Binding (2 Pack) at Read honest and unbiased.


Sort of. I love it and I hate it. While I am tempted to try using it a fourth time, as I am very stubborn in wanting to make this.

The latest title from Obsidian Entertainment stands firmly in the narrative genre, but it wouldn’t be an Obsidian game without that trademark RPG flair. Pentiment is a passion project.

TransTape comes on a roll, with paper on the adhesive side. Following tutorials, I made a nipple cover out of TransTape and folded toilet paper. It was a little difficult, as my nipples are on the larger side due to the proportions of my chest. There are dark blue lines marking one section. Most people say to use 3 sections, but I had to use 4.


We review TransTape when it comes to binding! TransTape claims that their product can also be used for packing and tucking for MTF folk but.


they stick very well and last 3-7 days, you can shower with them no problem and it will give the bad spots time to shrink/heal up without the.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn than Transtape is MUCH more affordable than other kinesiology tapes,think 1/2 the price, and the quality is incomparable!

"transtape is amazing, it has changed my life, i can finally breathe properly again and not have any worryies regarding my health due to binding with a chest binder, and feel comfortable in my body, it gives a more masculine look compared to a binder , i never thought i'd feel my sternum during the day until i got top surgery, but i can feel it.

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WARNING: this post details and discusses AFAB anatomy in a non-sexual manner. This review is NOT sponsored or funded in any way by TransTape, associates of.

Hot on the heels of the superb A Plague Tale: Requiem, we have another medieval-based game in the form of Pentiment. It is a testament to the developers that the experience of playing Pentiment.

ProductReview To preface this, I'm pre-T. have a slight build (5'1 and 96lbs), and am small-chested. I bought trans tape as a way to avoid constantly using a binder because honestly sometimes it's annoying having to throw one on before going anywhere. I try to give myself breaks by not wearing it at home, but then the dysphoria gets to me.


Today I review TransTape, a method of binding one's chest. Here are the pros, cons, and everything in between. As a trans/nonbinary person.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Chest Binding Tape Trans Tape for Chest FTM transtape Body Tape,Breast Lift Tape for Your Outlook Dress.

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TransTape Review ULTIMATE IMPRESSION: 8/10 My take. Made for a FtM discord server I'm in, but I might as well post it here. Here goes: I'm a thin guy, small in the chest, three years on T. I've heard heavier or bigger guys have less success with this product, and fat redistribution has done me a favor.