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Trans Tape Application Tips.

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APPLYING: · EVERY body is different, therefore every application of TransTape will be different and as our bodies develop more into the way we want, our own.

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Safety Tips. To ensure application is safe, remember to: Apply nipple covers. Use ½ of a section of tape, with a square of toilet.

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Gently lay the first 2 inches of TransTape on your skin and lightly rub to activate the adhesive. Taking your time, line up your breast tissue so that it may.

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Start with clear and clean body and breast skin. · Before applying trans tape, cover your nipples with something first. · Keep both edges of the.


Bonus tip: On my rest day, I put the extra large bandaids along with the healing cream of choice on my nipples to help ease my dysphoria. I love.

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Many people with larger chests find it very helpful to lay down during their first strip application. This lets gravity assist in the "flattest" for your.