Why Do Trans Wear Binders

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Some transgender teens say they buy binders so that they can “pass” as male or to diminish feelings of discomfort with the body known as body.

One of the other reasons binders are so critical has to do with feeling comfortable in one's own skin. Many trans individuals attest to looking down at the bodies they have and feeling a.


Don't wear binders for longer than 8-12 hours and do not sleep while wearing your binder. It's also crucial to schedule binder-breaks daily and.

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(stuffed crotches) and “binders” (hidden breasts) at a transgender-youth conference.

Am I, as a cis male, allowed to wear a binder just due to the fact that I believe it would be comfortable for me? Yes, absolutely. They're commonly sold for cis men with a condition called gynecomastia where raised estrogen levels cause feminine moobs. Of course you don't really have to have aspecific reason.

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Harassment by the police and neighborhood guards in Alsancak, İzmir in western Türkiye is making life very difficult for trans women lately.

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‘Be better’: Transphobic TikTok trend about binders faces a slew of callout videos – If people who wear.

wears a binder is actually “a woman wearing a binder,” thus undermining their trans and/or non-binary identity. And TikToker @abord. me shared what they do when their.

A trans man wearing a chest binder. Breast binding (or chest binding) is the flattening of breasts with constrictive materials such as cloth strips, purpose-built undergarments, often using spandex or other synthetic fiber, and shirts layered from tight to loose. Binders may also be used as alternatives to bras or for reasons of propriety.


Binding is usually done by people who want to decrease the appearance of their breasts and is common among those who do not want their chest to.

People who bind include trans men (to alleviate gender dysphoria upon flattening the chest), androgynous and non-binary people, crossdressers, cosplayers, and.

There, he came across a cosplayer on Tumblr who said he realized he was a transgender boy from the euphoria he felt while dressed as the hero of an online comic. Kulovitz was transfixed. “I kept.

Some transgender men or gender-nonconforming individuals use binders (compression undergarments that look like spandex-y T-shirts) to bind the breasts to the body, creating a flatter chest. A.

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From my trans friends I've heard that there's no point to say "identify as" because if you "identify as a woman" you ARE a woman. All the "identify" does is take something away from that. And either way the language is binary. My suggested revision is "if you use the girls bathroom, line up here, if you use the boys bathroom, line up here."


Binders tend to be used as a temporary solution to the problem of having breasts and cannot be worn at all times. During exercise they can.

absolutely .their are many reasons for wanting to wear a binder .if you feel uncomfortable with your breasts,feel more comfortable with your body when wearing a binder,or you just want to wear one ,go for it.its your body wear what makes you happy.i personally am non binary and wear binders,tight sports bras,and loose sports bras,and wire bras.

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A lot of trans men wear binders prior to having top surgery. This helps to alleviate chest dysphoria, and in most cases cause a person to have a flat chest. The discomfort that trans men feel surrounding their chest is usually later alleviated permanently by top surgery, but this is hard to access for some people, so a binder helps in the meantime.

Binders tend to be used as a temporary solution to the problem of having breasts and cannot be worn at all times. During exercise they can restrict breathing, and back and chest pain can come.

Someone may bind solely on special occasions or they may bind daily. The practice can improve the mental health of those struggling with body dysmorphia, but the act of compressing breast tissue.